Ray Reyes

Ray Reyes, Managing Director of Programs at The Opportunity Network: As Managing Director of Programs‭, ‬Ray oversees OppNet’s Fellows Program to‭ ‬ensure top program management‭, ‬curriculum development‭, ‬and student impact‭. ‬

Prior to joining OppNet in 2009‭, ‬Ray was an Assistant‭ ‬Director and Career Counselor at New York University’s Wasserman Center for Career Development‭. ‬Ray received his B.A‭. ‬in English from Rowan University and his M.A‭. ‬in Higher Education from NYU‭. ‬While in graduate school‭, ‬he worked as a graduate assistant at the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and the Wasserman Center‭. 

‬Ray is a 2017 Council for Urban Professionals (CUP) Fellow and a member of their Alumni Board. He is a member of the second cohort of the NYU Senior Leaders Fellowship Program that focuses on adaptive leadership approaches, reflective practices and expanding connections to other visionary leaders reshaping the field of education.