NKiru Ikeolumba

NKiru is also known as “Lady Fix-It”; If there is a problem, she’ll take care of it. She takes pride in being a solution oriented professional, with invaluable experience across various industries from Investment Banking to Biotechnology. 

She was born and raised in her hometown of Lagos, Nigeria and has built an indispensable track record of sustaining clientele relationships and improving operational processes within work environments.  

NKiru gained her Master of Science in Project Management at the prestigious New York University (NYU) where she also created the Project Management Students Union (PMSN) and was recognized with a 2017 President’s Service Award for her distinguished service and contribution to the NYU community. 

Over the years, she has been entrusted with high stake roles as the Chief of Staff and Strategy Planning Manager, to multiple Senior Level Executives & Leaders, and now works as a Business Analyst, leading continuous improvement initiatives, across a global infrastructure team.  Her passion lies in family, traveling, experiencing diverse cultures, spirituality, and her relationship with God.