Cecil Brooks

Most recently joining Georgetown University as a National Urban Fellow, Cecil served as a senior Congressional staffer for New York’s 15th District where he grew up. While resolving casework across The Bronx, he tracked federal funding and supported community leaders. He was proud to join a delegation investigating migration from his native Honduras – becoming a trusted expert on transnational issues. Before his time on “The Hill,” he worked at the NYC Department of Small Business Services where he oversaw 30 mayoral initiatives including digitized corporate transactions, Amazon’s headquarters, and outdoor dining requirements (just in time for the COVID-19 pandemic). He has raised $250,000 for local investments and attended the inaugural Africa Investment Forum as a delegate in 2018!

Cecil studied Philosophy & Latin American Studies at Colby College before completing the Coro Fellowship in Public Affairs (where he first met Congressman Torres). He developed a presence on campus and led the Four Winds Native American Alliance as Co-President. A dean appointed him to investigate disparities among Haitian migrants in the Dominican Republic. His findings inspired externships on Bolivian nationalization and the American Embassy in Perú. Cecil later served as Chair of Multicultural Affairs in student government. He led bipartisan coalitions among Mainers and helped launch our nation’s second Truth & Reconciliation Commission for the Wabanaki Confederacy. He fostered relationships across the political spectrum as a member of Colby Republicans and Colby Democrats.

Public service shapes Cecil’s perspective on activism, government, and legislation. He volunteers as a Board Member at the Harlem Educational Activities Fund (HEAF) and Bartow-Pell Mansion. In his spare time, he LOVES happy hours, scenic bike rides, and hip-hop. Ask about his walking tours!