Michelle Herrera Mulligan

Cosmopolitan For Latinas

Michelle Herrera Mulligan is the editor of Cosmopolitan for Latinas, the premiere women’s lifestyle publication targeted at English-speaking Latina women. Prior to Cosmopolitan for Latinas, Herrera Mulligan served as managing editor of LasFabulosas.com, an internationally syndicated website which celebrates Latina success. Her articles and reporting have appeared in more than 20 magazines, including Time, Glamour, and Martha Stewart’s Whole Living. She was a founding editor of Latina magazine. A prolific author and journalist for more than 10 years, Herrera Mulligan has worked to capture the surging Latina voice in the United States. She is a board member of the Latino Rebel Foundation and actively partners with Las Comadres de las Americas, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, among many other dynamic organizations. She is a frequent guest and contributor of the Council of Urban Professionals, and was invited to join a special meeting of journalists and presidential advisors at the White House this past spring. This past year, she was nominated as a “revolucionaria” by the Social Revolution at the South by Southwest festival, and was named a 2013 “Woman of Distinction” by the Manhattan Times and Bronx Free Press.