Consultant - LA

Lisa Silvera is NYC born, Westchester County bred and Boston educated. An Emerson and Skidmore College Graduate, she has earned her professional stripes across many disciplines; including Marketing, PR, Copywriting, Event Production & Photography and has added Professional LifeCoaching, Textile Artistry & Gallery Curator to her list of expertise and passions.

Lisa prides herself on being a consistent, reliable, resourceful and professional team leader and contributor. She is fueled by curiosity in understanding, analyzing and shaping public perception through creative ideas & activations, images and compelling copy and is committed to energizing & amplifying how people FEEL about a business, product, service or event experience. 

She has delivered creative & bottom-line impacting results for emerging and recognized wellness, beauty, fashion brands and fast-growing startups. As a people & animal lover, storyteller, marketing force and creative problem solver, she excels at taking a business, product or service amplifying its unique personality and voice to effectively interest, engage & retain clients, customers and partners.

Equal parts left and right brain and of the belief that the combination of curiosity, talent, practical experience, connectivity and WILL are all key. She takes pride & joy in teaming with other committed individuals to cultivate exceptional cultures of diverse collaboration, performance and ultimately success. 

“I treasure the power of the human spirit, and by providing exemplary services, experiences and maintaining a knowledge of business at hand, believe everything is possible.” 

She thrives in Santa Monica with her partner Jackson Lynch, Bonus Daughter Iris & a bevy of pets.