Ornella Parker

Ornella is currently a School Leader and Professor with nine years of experience in education with a devotion to educational equity. Previously serving as a Special Education Teacher, Education Specialist, and Mentor Teacher. In these roles, Ornella has and continues to be committed to the mission of providing an equitable educational experience for students through teacher preparation and development.

Since joining the Education field, Ornella has earned a Master of Science in Adolescent Special Education from Hunter College and a Master of Education in Education Leadership from Columbia University. Beyond her career dedicated to education, Ornella has a deep-rooted commitment to community organizations.

Ornella serves as a board member for the Canton College Foundation, Brooklyn’s District 14 Community Board, Teach for America Alumni Association, Minority Investor Inc., and her nonprofit E4P. Outside of her passion for education and community organizing, Ornella enjoys traveling, trying new foods, and shopping.