Mike Han

I have spent the past ten years in the Advertising and Communications space, partnering with brands, big and small, to deliver meaningful and effective customer experiences through the intersection of creativity, dataand technology. 

My goal is to lead with empathy, candor and levity and foster safe, equitable spaces for the teams I work on or lead. I believe in using my agency to give voice and platform to those who would not otherwise have it, and am particularly interested in dialogues around Queer and BIPOC experiences (particularly AAPI ones) in the Advertising Industry, which has been a historically cis-gendered, heterosexual White space. When possible, I also try to work/support non-profits and start ups launch/refine their brands and businesses. CUP’s mission, the Fellows program and the Alumni community, remind me daily to push my own work and make my space better than I found it. 

When I’m not doing the above, I am a big fan of yoga, Orange Theory, my plants, bad horror movies, daydreaming about getting a dog (but never pulling the trigger) and keeping pace with the cultural zeitgeist (via Tiktok, exclusively). 

I am currently a Senior Account Director at Accenture Interactive, formerly of Ogilvy, Deloitte Digital and RAPP. I graduated from NYU with BA in Metropolitan Studies.