Anthony Covington

Anthony is a Tech Strategy leader at Microsoft, specializing in technology investment and strategic orchestration to drive significant outcomes for executives and organizations. Prior to this, he served as a Portfolio Manager at Deloitte, focusing on strategy and management consulting. 

His background includes working at the White House in the Executive Office of the President under the Obama Administration, where he championed community engagement and development, demonstrating a genuine commitment to societal progress. Anthony firmly believes in the power of inclusive, innovation, and technology equity to tackle global challenges, reflecting his dedication to sustainable, positive social transformation. 

In addition to his role at Microsoft, Anthony serves on the boards of Rutgers University, holding positions on the Governing Board of Trustees and the Camden Board of Directors. His advocacy is centered on expanding access to higher education for all students, culminating in his election as Vice Chairman of the Camden Board of Directors in 2022 and recently reelected in 2023. 

In 2021, Anthony assumed the position of Curator/President of the Global Shapers in Washington, D.C., where he actively promoted change through diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. Complementing his commitment to community service, he has recently taken on a new role as a board member on LOV – Lifting Our Voices, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering impactful community upliftment. 

Anthony holds a degree in Business and Political Science from Rutgers University and a Business Management Certificate from Yale University School of Management.