Deborah Mirabal is chief of staff and vice president in the Global Investment Research (GIR) division at Goldman Sachs. She is co-author of several publications, including Closing the Gender Gaps: Advancing Women in Corporate America, The Great Reset: A Framework for Investing After COVID-19, and Sustainable ESG Investing: Turning Promises into Performance.

Before joining GIR, Deborah was a strategic marketer for alternative investments within the Investment Management Division (IMD) Communications Group and a founding member of the IMD Editorial Board. Previously, she worked in the Alternative Investments & Manager Selection Group in New York and Hong Kong, where she was responsible for private equity solutions for institutional and high net worth clients in the U.S. and Asia.

Deborah is co-head of the GIR Black and Hispanic/Latino Network and was formerly the COO of the Firmwide Hispanic/Latino Network. Deborah actively engages in corporate responsibility and public policy efforts with organizations that are committed to providing equal access to education and career opportunities, accelerating small business growth, advancing gender equality and promoting the arts community.

She earned a BA in International & Global Studies from Brandeis University.