Janique Edwards

Co-Founder & COO

Janique is a team leader with the ability to connect, organize, maximize productivity and improve program efficiency and started her career with the Department of Homeland Security as a Mission Support Specialist providing administrative support services to smaller subdivisions within the agency. In 2017, she waspromoted to the role of a Management and Program Analyst, where she currently uses her skills to examine and execute administrative support programs with the goal of increasing agency productivity.

As COO / Co-Founder of EatOkra, Janique focuses on sourcing and managing business data to attract moreusers, while developing the company’s brand identity and mission. The company now includes a team ofeight; She oversees the daily operations of the company while also focusing on developing company culture, defining the overall mission and values, revising brand identity, managing team morale, framing business goals, and building strong industry relationships.

Janique is a graduate of Herbert H. Lehman College with a Bachelor of Arts degree.