Member FAQ’s



What benefits do CUP Members receive?

  • Access to CUP's Member Portal Online Community
  • Access to Senior Leaders at CUP Member Networking Events
  • Invitation to Quarterly Distinguished Leadership Series Events
  • Facilitated Introductions and Professional Connections
  • Increased Visibility through Member Profiles on CUP's Website, Monthly Newsletters & Social Media
  • Professional Development: CUP's Member Training Series, Member Webinars and Executive Office Hours
  • Non-Profit Board Placement through CUP's A Seat at the Table Board Matching Initiative
  • Introductions to High-Profile Opportunities (Government Boards, Commissions and Committees)
  • Invitation to Non-Profit Volunteer Opportunities

How do I become a CUP Member?
You can self-register for CUP Membership ($250) or, membership can be allocated through one of CUP’s Corporate Partners.

How do I renew membership?
You will receive an automatic renewal email 30 days prior to your membership expiration date. Once received, you can follow the steps to renewing your email.

How do I check my membership status or update my contact information?
To update your contact information or check your membership status, contact us at

What is the duration of my membership?
Memberships become effective immediately and expire after one year on the last day of the month of purchase. For example, if you purchase a membership on January 1, 2017, it will expire on January 31, 2018.

Become A CUP Member


Where do members register or log into the CUP Portal?

How do I log onto the CUP Portal?
As a CUP Member, to log onto the Member Portal, follow the link in your CUP welcome email. Enter your username (registered email address) and the password listed. Once you’ve logged into the portal, you MUST complete the required fields before you can reset your password.

Why can’t I automatically navigate through the member portal when I sign in?
In order to have full access to the member portal, you MUST fill out your profile information. The required questions will not allow you to proceed to the next page or navigate through the portal if you haven’t provided responses to the questions.

How can members register for an event through the CUP portal?
The events are a feed from the main CUP site, so if there is a link on that event post, the link will appear on the events for member portal. When users click on an event invitation, it will automatically take them to the event registration page.

How do I search job opportunities on the CUP Portal?
To search job opportunities, click JOB SEARCH which is the 3rd tab at the top of your dashboard page. There you can navigate all available job opportunities or search by company and keywords.

How do I create a ‘Group’?
To create a group, select MY GROUPS on your profile dashboard page. From there, you can click the CREATE GROUP button located on the right side of the page.